Cage-Free boarding

Here at Hello, Doggie we are determined to make your dog feel at home while you are away.

We believe all dogs should have 24/7 supervision and care--and that is exactly what we provide! We are currently the only daycare and boarding facility in Maine that has staff sleep overnight with your pups. Not just on site--in the same room, and (as long as your pup is a snuggler) in the same bed!
We set up one of our stages with dog beds, sofas, futons, couches, and, of course, some mattresses! This way your dog has plenty of comfortable and cozy sleeping options.

Cage-free does not mean your dog cannot sleep in a crate--in fact, if your dog is used to sleeping in a crate, we can always make them available as an option.

We do not have set potty times while your dog is boarding, which means even if your pup is 8 weeks or 16 years old, we will accommodate as many bathroom breaks as needed!

Our staff are trained to administer medications of any kind your dog may need during their stay.

You provide their food, any medications or supplements, and that's all they need! If your dog has a special blanket or bed, we can take that, too. (Any toys or chews can be provided but will only be made available to your dog during rest periods or requested 1-on-1 time. NO RAWHIDES OF ANY KIND ALLOWED IN THE FACILITY.

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Before we can schedule your dog for any overnight stays, they must:

          -Plan on utilizing our daycare and boarding services regularly. We no longer accept dogs only looking for daycare or to board once or on a random basis. This especially applies to dogs that are not local.

          -Schedule and pass an Audition

          -Stay for at least one Full Day*.

In some cases, if the beginning of their stay is weeks or even months later than their audition and they are not a regular visitor to daycare, we will REQUIRE 2 or more Full Days of daycare before their stay.


It is most important to us that your dog ENJOYS their stay with us! Their Audition gives us a really great insight into their personality and allows them to meet us, other dogs, and explore the facility. However, this often isn't enough for new dogs to have a stress-free overnight stay. At least one Full Day of daycare gives your dog the opportunity to feel totally comfortable with us, the other dogs, and the facility. Also, most dogs show their true personality after they have come to daycare enough to feel confident and safe--therefore, we need the Full Days to ensure your dog will have a stress-free stay and also ensure that the other dogs at Hello, Doggie are safe with your new dog.

We are now requiring boarding deposits. Unfortunately, we have had clients schedule their dog to stay with us and not receive notice when their plans change. This causes us to turn away business when we expect a certain number of dogs boarding. In addition, we are no longer able to deduct daycare package days in return for boarding stays. Because of the large variety of packages we offer for daycare, it has become over-complicated to only charge the difference between the boarding charge and the daycare package’s value.

All clients must pay 25% of the total cost of the boarding in order to reserve their dog’s space. This deposit is non-refundable if we do not receive a cancellation notice within 24 hours of your dog’s expected arrival. For last-minute boarding, we will require the 25% upon drop-off. Also, if clients pay in full for their dog’s boarding stay upon drop-off, we will take 10% off of the total cost of their stay (grooming and training services included!).


All prices include a full day of daycare. Pickup on the last day before 10:30 AM does not incur any additional daycare charge.

Boarding 1 Dog: $45/day

Boarding 2 Dogs: $80/day

Boarding 1 Dog 5 Days: $210

Boarding 1 Dog 7 Days: $270

Boarding 1 Dog 10 Days: $400

Boarding 2 Dogs 5 Days: $380

Boarding 2 Dogs 7 Days: $520

Boarding 2 Dogs 10 Days: $700

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