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We are excited to offer Day Training ( "rehearsals" ) to you and your dogs!

What is Day Training? What are "rehearsals"?

Shannon will spend an hour with your dog working on specific behaviors or training that you request! We break up rehearsals into 15 minute sessions and spread them throughout your dog's daycare day.


Day Training is only available to daycare clients that we have seen for at least 2 full days before their first rehearsal. 

What can you teach my dog?

The possibilities are endless! Shannon can do anything from basic obedience to behavior modification, agility, tricks, and more. Leash manners and "place" are currently the two most popular projects Shannon is asked to tackle.

How do I know how to work with my dog the same way that Shannon does?

Shannon takes video summaries of your dog's training! She will show you step by step how to work with your pup specifically.

What type of training will Shannon do? 

Shannon's primary method of training is clicker based! She goes over how to use the clicker in depth and provides them for you to use at home at no extra cost.

What is the cost of Day Training?

Day Training or Rehearsals are available for an extra $20/day. This equates to $20/hour for Shannon's thorough and individualized work with your dog and includes the helpful videos!


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