Training Offers

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     During your dog's day at daycare, we offer daily training of 45 minutes broken into three 15 minute sessions. With Rehearsals, we work with each client as individuals based on their training goals.

What will your dog gain from these Rehearsals?

- Proper training is important for your dog's physical and emotional well being.

- Training should be fun!

- Learning their motivation: What will your dog work for? This is what your dog wants as a reward to reinforce good behaviors (food, a toy, praise, etc)

- Foundation behaviors are the basic behaviors we strive to teach our dog to aid in communication. These are the stepping stones for all future training and relationship building!

     Social play offers all the physical exercise your dog desires, while individual training helps to stimulate your dog's brain. You choose the behaviors that are the most desired for your lifestyle and your dog. Together, we will provide a training plan to meet your goals!

board and train

     Hello, Doggie! offers Board and Train to all current daycare and boarding clients.  

Training Classes

     Hello, Doggie! offers the following classes that when completed in succession, prepare you and your dog for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification. All classes run for 6 weeks and any clients new to Hello, Doggie! must schedule an evaluation with Shannon to assure you and your dog are ready for a group class.

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy $175

Acting for Beginners $175
Acting for the Stage $150

Acting for Film (Canine Good Citizen Test) $150